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Conway South Carolina Leak Location

When you contact us here at Leak Locators, we will help you ensure that all the leaks on your property in Conway South Carolina are taken care of. Most leaks that occur outside your home are hard to spot, and they can be even harder to repair when you do not have industrial equipment or professional expertise. Because of this, we have a few tips that we would like to share.
Conway South Carolina Leak Location

What Happens When A Pipe Breaks Outside?

You may not know that any pipe leaks have occurred at all. When a pipe breaks that is underground, you might not realize what has happened. If you notice that your water bill has gone up for no reason, you should have the property checked for leaks. If you see water coming to the surface in the lawn, you should make sure that the property is inspected.

What Do We Do To Help?

When we come to your Conway property, we use our advanced sonic technology to check the underground pipes for leaks. We create what amounts to a map of the pipe field under your lawn, and will show you where the leak has occurred. Once we know the leak location, we can begin the repairs. You get a full estimate from our Leak Location team, and you can approve the work right away.

We Use Trenchless Technology

We use trenchless technology to ensure that we are not digging a massive hole in your lawn. We will use a small hole to reach the point where the leak is occurring, and we will repair the leak. We could also pull out the pipe from this hole and replace it if the pipe is so badly damaged that there is no way it could be repaired. We will let you know what we think should be done, and we will repeat this process every time there is a leak.

You Need Immediate Service

You need immediate service when you have a leak because that leak could get worse and worse. You could have water come into the house through the basement.

How Do You Check For Leaks?

You do not have the equipment that we have that creates a sonic map of the lawn, but you can walk around your property at least once a week looking for problems. If you smell that sewage stench, you know you might have a problem. If you hear the sound of running water when you know you shouldn’t be hearing anything, you have a problem. If you see sewage or water at the surface, you should call us right away.

If you even have the suspicion that you have a problem, you should call us to come check the property. We can return once a year to check your property, and we may return more often if you have a massive property to cover.

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