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Myrtle Beach, SC Residents: Leak Locators Offers Experienced Sub Utility Leak Detection Services

Every year, property owners in this lovely region of South Carolina encounter problems with damaged sub utility lines. Also, Leak Locators helps save our customers significant expenses and delays. We seek to accurately ascertain the sites of leaks in sub utility infrastructure. Contact us for fast, skilled assistance.

About Leak Locators

As our company name suggests, we concentrate our attention upon a highly specialized market niche: we detect water leaks for customers. Our service area includes Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and outlying communities. We enjoy personal familiarity with this region of the Palmetto State.

Our firm has chosen to invest in cutting edge technologies to assist us in finding leaks reliably and efficiently. We possess extensive experience in this field, in fact. Customers count on us to assist them in discovering the sites of underground pipe leaks with a high degree of accuracy.

The Importance of Maintaining Sub Utilities in Good Condition

Sub utility lines typically extend to outbuildings, guest homes, standalone garages, swimming pools, and other property features located apart from the main dwelling or commercial building. In some cases, these pipelines run underground across considerable distances. Typically, private property owners maintain responsibility for keeping this infrastructure in good working condition.

When a public water or sewer line breaks, a utility company will dispatch a well-trained, equipped crew of workers to complete repairs. By contrast, damage to a sub utility line potentially places a heavy burden upon individual Myrtle Beach landowners. Most people appreciate that digging up buried water or sewer pipes to replace damaged sections may require considerable effort. Also, the unfortunate customer frequently must rent heavy equipment and hire a team of excavators simply to provide access to the job site.

Leak Locators Offers a Valuable Solution

Locally based Leak Locators supplies impressive advantages for customers seeking to correct sub utility line problems as inexpensively as possible. Our company focuses full time upon detecting leaks. We’ll inspect the surface of a sub utility line and help customers accurately identify the leak sites.

Our efforts help prevent the correction of sub utility leaks from becoming costly trial-and-error pipe excavation projects. Instead of digging up an entire privately-owned pipeline, we focus attention on the problem sites. This service often produces significant cost savings for customers.

Resolving Sub Utility Pipeline Problems Efficiently

A variety of potential problems impact sub utility lines. Shifting ground soil, minor seismic events, invasive plant roots, corrosion, and a number of other factors may contribute to clogs, constricted flow, or even pipe leaks. Also, by helping customers resolve these types of problems with a minimum of digging, Leak Locators helps reduce the cost of implementing repairs. Workers won’t need to excavate an entire 18 feet of buried pipe simply in order to replace a one-foot long segment.

Our service offers another benefit, too. In situations in which we discover extensive leak sites, our customers enjoy an opportunity to evaluate pipe replacement versus repair costs more accurately. Why waste time attempting to repair a severely damaged sub utility pipeline with one known leak and seven additional undetected leak sites? In some cases, simply undertaking replacement of the line from the outset makes greater financial sense. By hiring Leak Locators at the most preliminary stage, before excavating, customers find themselves in a better position to evaluate these alternatives.

Further Information

The team at Leak Locators welcomes the opportunity to meet with landowners who suspect the presence of sub utility line leaks on their property. Water leaks, if left uncorrected, often result in unnecessarily high bills. Also, we strive to help customers minimize the costs involved in undertaking necessary sub utility pipeline repair or replacement projects. Contact us now to request our assistance pinpointing water leaks.

A sub utility leak represents an interesting conundrum that not all homeowners have to face. These lines are generally only found on properties where water and sewer lines are run to structures like pools, backyard gardens or guest homes. Also. these are typically located on another part of the property apart from the main residential structure. The reason these lines are so problematic is that they tend to be weaker than regular utility lines. They tend to have aging plumbing that can be invaded by tree roots, broken by shifts in the ground, or damaged as the result of wear and tear.

These leaks exist apart from the common leaks that most homes have. They are difficult to locate due to their subterranean nature. Repairs are equally difficult due to the fact that these lines must be excavated.

Let’s examine our sub utility leak detection service. We might be able to help you avoid costly repairs and unsightly problems.


Sub utility leaks represent large, progressive leaks that will worsen without being repaired. Also, a sub utility leak with an in-ground irrigation system can waste 6,300 gallons each month. This can amount to a large number of problems. These include everything from wasted water to foundation shifts and broken pipes.

Repairing a sub utility leak is the most accurate way to ensure that potential problems do not materialize. This can save you money while ensuring that future problems do not prevent you or other individuals in your home from making full use of your utilities.


We specialize in locating sub utility leaks. We have both the expertise and equipment required to do so, which saves you time and money.

Lastly, to learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Leak Locators. You can reach us by calling (919) 376-9203.