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Leak Locators Performs Skilled Irrigation Leak Detection in Myrtle Beach, SC

Hidden leaks in irrigation systems contribute to unnecessarily high utility bills. Also, residents of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina depend upon Leak Locators to help them maintain cost-effective, efficient in-ground lawn and garden watering systems. Enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful green lawn with our help!

Irrigation Systems Often Develop Leaks

Experienced gardeners appreciate the variety of problems that afflict in-ground watering systems in South Carolina. Regular irrigation permits the development of lush, park-like landscapes. However, available sprinkler technology remains at high risk of developing damage over the course of time (especially during winter months). Debris obstructing a nozzle head or cracked and heavily worn, brittle tubing sometimes prevents the uniform distribution of water through the yard.

Even worse, leaks occasionally develop in irrigation pipes or around joints and connections, allowing copious volumes of water to soak into the ground in certain spots. A persistent leak over the course of many months or years may even contribute to changes in the soils underlying landscaping features.

Do Irrigation Leaks Pose a Threat to Adjoining Buildings?

In the worst-case scenario, an in-ground sprinkler system develops multiple leaks. A property owner may not even readily appreciate the full extent of the problem. A system’s pipes and tubing typically remain buried and out of sight. A large quantity of water seeping into the ground around a residence or a commercial building potentially contributes to waterlogged soil, particularly in the wake of heavy rains.

Ultimately, faulty irrigation systems impact yard drainage. Also, excessive water pooling close to dwellings or commercial buildings sometimes create soggy lawns and puddles, facilitate mosquito infestations, and even raise basement waterproofing concerns. We recommend taking measures to detect and repair suspected leaks in active in-ground irrigation systems promptly.

All Leak Locators in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Leak Locators specializes in detecting water leaks. We focus on this issue full-time; our technicians have developed extensive experience finding the sites of leaks efficiently. Also, why should you consider asking us to help you fix a broken in-ground yard sprinkler system? Our efforts help many property owners save money and conserve water!

Consider some of the advantages residents of Myrtle Beach enjoy by asking us to help repair faulty irrigation systems. These savings usually far outweigh the costs of neglecting the condition of the sprinkler system:

  • Prevent unnecessarily high-water losses;
  • Protect lawns from the effects of long-term uneven water distribution;
  • Avoid the development of soggy, unsightly muddy patches in the yard;
  • Reduce the property’s risk of becoming a breeding ground for some species of mosquitos;
  • Promote better yard drainage;
  • Decrease monthly water bills;
  • Use the most cost-effective irrigation system repair measures.

Locating In-Ground Sprinkler Leaks

How do Leak Locators find and correct suspected leaks within buried irrigation pipes and tubing? Also. our company employs an efficient two-stage process designed to optimize resources and prevent unnecessary disruptions to the lawn. First, we identify likely leak locations from the surface. Second, once we have ascertained a problem area, we narrow the search further to determine the most probable sites of water losses within the watering system itself.

This evaluation process requires us to check the water pressure within the irrigation system carefully. Yet it also safeguards our customers against potentially costly exploratory trial-and-error excavations. The cost savings we provide may pleasantly surprise customers. In some situations, our timely repair efforts spare property owners from shouldering the considerable expenses involved in purchasing and installing brand new in-ground irrigation systems long before existing systems have outlived their useful lifespans.


Leaks can cause everything from soil erosion to shifts in your home’s foundation. That’s why it’s often best to pursue irrigation leak detection before you try anything else.

Our irrigation leak detection service is designed to save you money by narrowing the area where a leak might occur. Also, this results in smaller repairs, a better understanding of why a leak happened, and less time to repair any deteriorated irrigation plumbing.

The biggest advantage of our leak detection service is the way we can save you money when the temperatures drop again. Leaky irrigation tends to get worse because of the physics behind water as it freezes, which in turn means that leaks tend to get progressively larger with each passing year.

When you’re ready to find and fix your irrigation system leaks for good,

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