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Trust Leak Locators to Perform Expert Myrtle Beach Swimming Pool Crack Repairs

Residents of lovely Myrtle Beach, South Carolina appreciate the expertise Leak Locators offers. We perform expert swimming pool crack repairs. This service helps property owners maintain in-ground pool facilities in great condition!

Don’t Allow Small Cracks to Expand in Scope

Why does requesting fast, experienced repair services for tiny fissures in swimming pools make sound economic sense? Today, households and businesses often pay substantial sums to install in-ground pools. By protecting this asset, people in Myrtle Beach optimize their enjoyment and investment in a popular recreational amenity. Most people relish relaxing in cool, refreshing water on blistering hot summer days!

If allowed to remain uncorrected, small cracks in the walls of swimming pools inevitably enlarge in scope. This process may eventually deprive an owner of the pool itself! If you notice a crack developing in your pool (or if you suspect the presence of a hidden water leak), you should consider contacting Leak Locators as quickly as possible. With your permission, we’ll conduct a comprehensive inspection of your swimming pool and let you know our findings. We gather accurate information about the locations and extent of water leaks.

Why Swimming Pool Fissures Will Enlarge

It might seem tempting to dismiss the significance of faint cracks in a swimming pool. Why should property owners consider addressing this type of problem as soon as possible? Several strong reasons support taking fast action to initiate repair efforts promptly:

  • 1. Even tiny swimming pool cracks sometimes result in the loss of a large volume of water over time;
  • 2. In some cases, a single visible crack coincides with the presence of other, hidden cracks in other, less accessible part of the pool;
  • 3. Count on small cracks in outdoor pools expanding in size as ambient daily temperatures fluctuate with the changing seasons.
  • 4. Obtaining qualified pool repair services at the first signs of potential problems helps many pool owners save money!

Numerous Causes for Swimming Pool Cracks

Today in-ground swimming pool owners in this community typically use any of three different popular types of pools: vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete. Concrete pools enjoy the longest potential anticipated useful lifespan, but even these models will eventually begin deteriorating with age. Small fissures in pools occur for a variety of possible reasons:

  • Hail damage;
  • Poor quality construction materials;
  • Low level seismic activity;
  • Damage due to heavy impacts;
  • Natural settling after construction;

All these sources of swimming pool damage, and many others, sometimes produce fissures in swimming pools resulting in water leaks. Repairing these sites as quickly as possible helps maintain a valuable real estate asset in good, usable condition.

Obtain Experienced Local Pool Repair Services

Fortunately for residents of Myrtle Beach and outlying communities, Leak Locators offers well-qualified, capable swimming pool crack repair services. We don’t install temporary “patches”; instead, we fix damaged pools correctly and carefully. Our technicians have received extensive training. We know how to help refurbish and maintain these unique assets. Customers depend upon us to help them find effective long-term solutions for leaks.

Our services help local property owners continue to use their pools without worrying about underground water losses causing unexpectedly high utility bills or expensive property damage. In fact, our company typically assists anyone who has invested in a swimming pool. We endeavor to locate and repair leaks completely. Customers sometimes ask us to provide periodic inspections of their pools on a proactive basis. Request our services to find and correct new leaks promptly. Taking this step will help keep your swimming facilities in excellent shape!

Further Information

Would you appreciate rapid in-ground swimming pool repair services on request?
Simply contact Leak Locators in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and listen to your concerns about your pool. We offer a valuable local pool repair resource for homeowners and businesses in this community!

Swimming pools represent one of the most attractive forms of outdoor recreation. They can provide fun for families, friends, neighbors and anyone else who enjoys a dip in some refreshing water.

The problem is that pools can be some of the largest wasters of water when they aren’t maintained properly. Scientific American states that pools lose between 20 to 30 percent of their water as the result of leaks.

This means that swimming pools can be more costly than they should be. Owners fail to realize that their pool leaks because many are equipped with automatic refilling pumps and other features that can hide just how quickly the water leaves the pool.


If you are in need of swimming pool crack repair, hire a professional. The best thing to do about swimming pool leaks is to repair them, but this can be difficult for a number of reasons.

Your pool may, for example, have a leak in the pool. This can allow the water to seep into the ground. Finding these cracks can be incredibly difficult due to the nature of concrete.

Your pool may be fine as far as goes, but it may have an underground pipe leak between the pool and the water supply. This can lead to lost water and the potential for water to accumulate next, which in turn can lead to erosion and inevitable failure of the pool.

The key in every case of a leaking swimming pool is to locate the leak. This makes repair easy and cost-effective while solving a problem that could cost you a small fortune.


Leak Locators specializes in finding leaks and repairing them, which is why we find it essential to ensure that you understand both the location and repair process.

The repairs we can conduct on swimming pools centers around fixing underground pipes, patching leaks in the pools, and fixing any leaks that may exist in the pool’s water delivery infrastructure. This ensures that pools I believe cannot wastewater.

We also offer the following services:

  • Underground Pipe Repairs
  • Pool Updates and Renovations
  • Swimming Pool Crack Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Inspections
  • Commercial Pool Pump Room Installation

To learn more about our services, including why we excel at making our customers happy while keeping costs fair, contact us today.