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Ask Leak Locators to Detect Swimming Pool Leaks in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Does the possibility of swimming pool damage concern you? Homeowners and businesses in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina rely on the specialists at Leak Locators to help them pinpoint and correct potentially costly water leaks in swimming pools. We serve customers throughout this region!

Swimming Pools: A Valuable Investment

During scorching hot summer days, people in Myrtle Beach welcome the cool, refreshing relief offered by local swimming pools. Owning a well-maintained swimming pool frequently increases the value of the real estate. A pool offers hours of pleasant fun, relaxation, and exercise. Keeping this asset in good condition throughout the year brings significant rewards.

Water Leaks: A Potentially Costly Problem

Unfortunately, sometimes detecting water leaks in swimming pools proves challenging. Many possible factors contribute to swimming pool damage. Shifts in the surrounding soil, frozen water pipes, faulty pool machinery, small abrasions in pool liners, age deterioration, and many other changes sometimes result in leaks. Water losses from even small pools may prove substantial without accurate, timely detection. Leaks can occur in clearly visible locations, or they may arise in underground, hard-to-access sites. Most pool owners find themselves ill-prepared
to evaluate the full extent and scope of swimming pool leaks with precision.

A Hidden Yet Potentially Serious Threat

Why should the issue of a swimming pool leak concern a property owner? In addition to increasing the size of some utility bills, undetected water leaks sometimes pose a particular long-term hazard for adjoining structures. Chemically treated water may travel underground from a leaky swimming pool and seep into nearby basements, ponds, or riverways. The presence of persistently waterlogged earth in some locations may even cause structural damage by producing subtle changes in the surrounding terrain. Allowing a swimming pool to leak without correcting this problem can result in significant property damage. Pool operators and neighboring property owners hold a strong interest in preventing and correcting leaky swimming pools in Myrtle Beach.

We Offer Accurate Water Leak Detection and Repair Services

Leak Locators specializes in detecting many different types of water leaks. Our personnel possesses extensive experience in this field, in fact. We use state-of-the-art leak detection methods and tools to assist us in pinpointing the site (or sites) of swimming pool damage. In many cases, we also offer pool repair services. Our efforts assist property owners in solving the problem of leaky swimming pools conveniently and cost-effectively. Addressing swimming pool damage efficiently requires expertise. Our customers count on us to supply fast, dependable, accurate assistance!

High-Tech Services at Remarkably Affordable Rates

Our company has invested in the training and equipment required to help us find water leaks efficiently. We employ these skills on behalf of our customers. If you suspect the possibility of pool damage, contact us as soon as possible. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your swimming pool, its specifications, and evidence of possible water losses. With your permission, we can conduct a careful inspection of the site and help determine the source (or sources) of any leakage problems. In some situations, our service extends to performing swimming pool repairs on behalf of customers.

Why You Should Select Leak Locators in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Why do so many customers in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina choose Leak Locators to assist them in detecting swimming pool damage? First, our company takes great pride in supplying a superb quality of customer service. We view your complete satisfaction as our top priority! Second, our team works as cost-effectively as possible. Our competitive price structure might surprise you. Third, we have chosen to concentrate on serving a highly specialized niche marketplace. Our firm has invested in high tech leak detection tools. This equipment frequently helps us supply customers with valuable cost savings they could not obtain elsewhere. We devote our full-time efforts to detecting and correcting water leaks. Customers benefit from our expertise and professionalism.

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Determining whether or not a residential or commercial swimming pool has sustained damage may prove important in many situations. Leak Locators assists customers by supplying accurate information about suspected sites of pool damage. Our work sometimes helps prevent small leaks from producing significant problems for property owners. If you harbor concern about swimming pool leakage issues, don’t wait to request assistance. Contact us today for fast, responsible service!

Swimming pools represent the pinnacle of modern conveniences. They are an excellent way to keep fit, to relax, and, ultimately, to beat the heat that the hot months tend to bring. The problem is that they are vulnerable like any other structure. They may develop cracks as the result of wear and tear, shifts in the ground, imperfections in materials, and so on. These leaks can lead to water bill increases ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Swimming pool leak detection is one of the best ways to ensure that you can minimize the costs of a leak in your home. Let’s explore how we accomplish this.


Swimming pool leaks are difficult to find because they are not always apparent. The vinyl lining that some pools have may have tiny leaks that are invisible to the naked eye, which in turn can allow them to persist while costing you dearly. Leak detection pinpoints the cause of leaks by utilizing a variety of techniques designed to determine where the water exits a pool. This allows experts such as ourselves to quickly find the leak, which in turn keeps the repairs limited to exactly what you need.

Keeping Repairs Minimal Saves Money and Adds to the Longevity of a Pool

Every small change made to a pool has the negative effect of detracting from the overall durability of a pool. This is why major repairs unless they are performed by an expert, tend to fail given enough time.

By using swimming pool leak detection, we’re able to keep the repairs to your pool at an absolute minimum. This increases their effectiveness while minimizing the negative impacts that repairs may have upon your pool.


Swimming pool leaks are just like any other type of leak, – they tend to worsen as they remain in disrepair and this, in turn, increases the overall costs of repairs.

If you suspect that your swimming pool might have a leak, then contact Leak Locators. We target leaks to keep your property safe and sound.

You can contact us by calling (919) 376-9203. We want to work with you to stop leaks and the ill effects they may cause on your property.