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Georgetown South Carolina

Our team of Leak Locators in Georgetown, SC can help you with your residential or commercial property. There are a few reasons why you need these services, and you must look into repairs that may be needed around your home or office. The tips that are listed below will change the way that you manage plumbing and sewage lines around your property.

Georgetown South Carolina Leak Location

Why Do Leaks Occur?

Leaks occur around your property due to a number of reasons. A pipe could break at any time, and it is hard for us to know why your pipes have broken or leak. You could have PVC or metal pipes that freeze in the winter or a leak that’s caused by poor construction, It’s also possible that a leak occurred because it was damaged during another repair or dig.

Where Are The Leaks?

We will find the location of the leak using our advanced technology. We know that leaks could occur at any time, and we know that some pipes are very low underground. If the pipes are too far underground, it can be incredibly difficult to locate the problem. We can create images of the pipe field around the property. You might not realize how many pipes crisscross your property.

How Do We Complete Repairs?

We will use trenchless technology to dig in your lawn or on your property. We do not need to dig a large hole in your yard when we can find the exact point where the leak has occurred. We can complete repairs with no trouble because we can locate the leak and reach it easily.

Inspecting Your Own Property

We know that you cannot fix the leaks on your property by yourself. We also know that you cannot pinpoint the leak location. However, we want to make sure that you can tell when things are not right around your property.

If your water bills are going up for no reason, you need to call us because you might have a water or pipe leak outside that you cannot see.


When you have leak problems around your Georgetown home, let us come check your property. We will do a full inspection of your lawn and your property. We will let you know what we have found, and we can explain how the leaks will be fixed. We aim to help you save and prevent a water leak that could cost you a lot of money. It is so much easier to avoid these problems when you are working with our professional team of repairmen.

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