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Slab Leak Detection Services

7 Warning Signs Indicating You Need to Use Slab Leak Detection Services

Slab Leak Detection ServicesHidden challenges can sometimes occur in areas of your Myrtle Beach home that you may not be monitoring. One of these spots is your foundation. If you’ve got a leak in this area, it can cause considerable damage to the structure of your property. Contacting a company that provides slab leak detection services is the best move to make in this situation. Here are seven warning signs to look out for that indicate a slab leak has occurred:

A Spike in Your Water Bill Cost

If you get an unexpected spike on your water bill, there’s probably something wrong. Utilizing the tips below will usually lead you towards the problem. Taking action quickly is crucial in this situation. By analyzing different areas of your Myrtle Beach property, the odds are high that you’ll locate the problem. It’s essential to respond to these warning signs quickly. It may save you from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Pooling Water May Require Slab Leak Detection Services

One of the first physical signs that you will usually find when a slab leak is present on your property is pooling water. A water leak can start slow and escalate over time. It begins due to water accumulation under the foundation of your home. This water will move wherever it can go. If you see any liquid accumulating on the outside of your home’s slab foundation, you should investigate the area further. Water can develop in pools inside of your home as well. This occurrence is more common in a kitchen or bathroom. If you spot pooling water in these or other areas, it’s probably best to contact a company providing slab leak detection services.

The Appearance of Mildew and Mold

When water accumulates in a specific area, it can begin to promote the growth of mold and mildew. If water is trying to escape upwards from your foundation, it can get trapped under your hardwood flooring or carpet. This leaking leads to pooling water and the growth of mold and mildew. In this case, you usually see dark circles develop. If the area is damp enough, it will also emit a musty odor. Investigating these areas of your home thoroughly should help you find this cause if it’s occurring.

Investigate Carpets and Other Types of Flooring

When water is trapped under your foundation, it may find a path upward. This activity can lead to wet carpets and warped hardwood flooring. Flooring damage is one of the telltale signs indicating you’ve got a significant problem. Calling a company that provides slab leak detection services is an advisable choice to make to help avoid further damage to your property. Contact us today if you suspect you’ve got a water leak that’s hidden.

Water Pressure Changes Could Be Signs You Need a Slab Leak Detection

Water pressure changes can also be used as a warning sign of a slab leak. If you’re taking a shower and notice a decrease in the water pressure, it’s important to find out why. A drop in water pressure may also occur in other areas of your home like a bathroom or kitchen. This type of problem may be due to a leaking pipe that is located under your foundation. Finding this type of leak is best done by utilizing a company that provides slab leak detection services in Myrtle Beach and Georgetown.

Hearing Sounds of Water Flow

If you hear any sounds of water running in the lowest area of your property, it might indicate there’s a problem. Check other areas of your home to make sure no water flow is occurring. If there isn’t, it’s probably a slab leak. You may also notice a hissing noise that sounds like it’s coming from another area. Hearing either of these two sounds is a red flag that should be investigated. Give us a call if you believe there’s a problem.

Look for Hot Spots

If a leak is occurring from a hot water pipe, it will often lead to hot spots on your floor. Warm water can start pooling in a specific area and warm the space above. If you have flooring or carpet, it will become heated as well. However, it’s much easier to spot this warning sign when it’s occurring with linoleum or hardwood floor than carpeting.

Utilizing Slab Leak Detection Services

Locating a slab leak on your property may take a bit of investigation after you notice a spike in your water bill. If you’ve taken these steps and haven’t found any warning signs, it doesn’t negate the probability of a possible leak. To receive a thorough investigation, you’ll want to contact a company that provides this type of professional support. At Leak Locators, we provide slab leak detection services that utilize specialized equipment and highly trained technicians. To be 100 percent sure you don’t have a hidden leak, contact us today. We’d be happy to help.