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Underground water leak

How to Find an Underground Water Leak

Underground water leakIt is important to find an underground water leak when one occurs. Otherwise, you face large amounts of wasted water and the resulting high utility bills. If your water bill increases without know cause, it is a strong possibility that you have a leak.

Not fixing your underground water leak can lead to bigger problems, besides emptying your wallet. These issues are typically costly. So, the sooner you hire a leak detection service to find the cause of your leak and its location, the better.

Below are the steps for finding your own underground water leak. Of course, hiring the pros gets this job done more quickly and easily. With the experts’ help, you can trust that the leak will be found. Then, they can repair or replace the damage immediately.

Check Your Meter

After shutting off your home’s main water valve, check the water meter. The meter will indicate whether you have an underground water leak if there is continued water usage despite the valve being off. Important points to remember when going through this process include:

  • Ensure no water is running in your home
  • Turn the water off at the home’s main water valve
  • Look for the leak indicator on your water meter, usually a small colored or white triangle
  • If the indicator spins after shutting off your water valve, you have a leak
  • If your meter does not have one of these indicators, keep track of the current meter reading, then checking the meter again after half an hour to an hour to see if there is water usage that indicates a leak

Signs of an Underground Water Leak

Besides the meter still running after you turn off the home’s water supply, there are other signs that indicate an underground water leak. These signs are not like other leaks. You will not have water audibly dripping or pooling on your floor. Instead, you will just notice that your water bill increases over several months or even quickly in one month.

Signs of an underground water leak on your property can include:

  • Usually wet areas in your yard
  • A spot of faster-growing or thicker vegetation
  • Sink holes in the yard
  • Your Swimming Pool is Bubbling
  • Decreased water pressure or volume
  • Any of these signs plus rust, dirt or air in the water supply

Underground Water Leak Detection Service by Leak Locators Myrtle Beach

If you believe you might have a leak, the trusted professionals of Leak Locators Myrtle Beach can help. Our expert leak locators can pinpoint the precise location of your problem, whether in the pipes under your yard, inside your home or at the shut-off valve, pipe joints, or fittings.

It is important to not let an underground water leak continue once you suspect a problem. Leak locator service brings the right professionals with the right equipment, knowledge, and experience to quickly find your leak and make the appropriate repairs. This service quickly resolves your problem and returns your water bill to normal levels.

Call Leak Locators Myrtle Beach today at (843) 655-5375. We also serve communities throughout North Carolina and coastal South Carolina.