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When to Call a Leak Detection Specialist

When to Call a Leak Detection Specialist

Are you wondering whether you need to call someone for help with a potential leak? A leak detection specialist answers this call by helping you find leaks that affect your utility bills, water pressure and even the integrity of your structure. Leak detection specialists find the leaks you cannot see without damaging your property.

Signs You Need a Leak Detection Specialist

There are four key signs you need a leak detection specialist. These signs include:

1. Your water pressure suddenly drops.

A sudden decrease in your water pressure is something to which you should pay attention. If this pressure goes back to normal within several hours or a day, it is not usually a sign of a leak. This type of pressure change is generally a water supply line issue under the city’s responsibility. You do not have to worry about this issue.

However, if the water pressure does not return to normal and this does not improve in a day or two, you possibly have a leak. This is especially true, if your neighbors do not have the same water pressure problems. In this case, you need to call a leak detection specialist.

2. Your water bill suddenly drastically increases.

If you receive a water bill that is suddenly uncharacteristically high, first consider what changes you may have made in your water consumption in the past month. Did you fill your swimming pool? Did you spend more time watering your lawn than in prior months? Did you power wash your driveway, windows or siding?

If there is no explanation for your water bill increasing so suddenly, you possibly have an undetected leak. You should call a leak detection specialist right away to keep your monthly water bill from going even higher. A hidden leak can also cost you more money by damaging your home’s structure.

3. You notice water seeping out of the ground.

Do you notice puddles in your yard with water seeping out of the ground? This is a clear sign that one of the water lines under your property has a leak. It is also a sign you need to call a leak detection specialist.

4. You are buying or selling a house.

If you are buying or selling a home, it is important that you have an inspection performed by a qualified inspector. You should also consider calling upon a leak detection specialist. These two types of professionals can provide great peace of mind that your sale or home purchase is a transaction of integrity and without costly hidden problems.

How a Leak Detection Specialist Works

Modern leak detection has come a long way. The process today involves use of advanced electronic technologies. Using this technology, your leak detection specialist can find hidden leaks before you even notice signs of a problem. Using electronic technology also means the specialist does not have to break into your home’s structure, such as through walls or floors. Unlike visual methods of the past, modern leak detection equipment pinpoints problems without causing a need for expensive structural repair.

Electronic leak detection costs less than visual leak detection, too. This technology includes rarefaction wave correlation, vibrational analysis and helium testing. Through mechanical means, your leak detection specialist finds the cause of the leak, not just the result. This enables them to ensure your root problem is repaired, whether it is caused by poor craftsmanship, structural shifting or settling, or other causes.

Call the Myrtle Beach Leak Detection Specialists

With Leak Locators of Myrtle Beach, finding a leak detection specialist is easy. In just one phone call, you can find the expert help you need using state-of-the-art technologies and methods. As a result, our specialists will find your leak, whether it is in your foundation, floor, wall or yard. Call Leak Locators at (843)655-5375 for service in the areas around Myrtle Beach, SC or (919)376-9203 for service around Raleigh, NC.

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