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Underground Water Leak Detection is Important

Is Your Neighbor’s Utility Bill Lower Than Yours?

When it comes to plumbing, most homeowners forget to take care of their underground pipes. Instead, they tend to inspect and fix only the visible portions of drain pipes. What they don’t know is that underground piping systems are more prone to leaks compared to those above the ground. This is due to increased wear and tear, exposure to harsh elements and interference by roots and soil movement.

Effects of Underground Water Leaks

Water leaks can trigger substantial water damage. They can also lead to mold growth, and we all know how dangerous mold can be. Underground leads can also lead to the spread of cholera, a fatal disease that can kill you within 48 hours if not treated immediately. Underground leaks can also lead to high water bills because a high amount of water is lost to the soil. Luckily, you can detect, fix, and prevent underground leaks by hiring a leak detection specialist to conduct a leak detection test and determine if there’s a leak in your underground piping system or not.

How Is Underground Leak Detection Test Done?

The leak detection specialist will use two methods to determine if there is an underground leak. The first method involves inspecting the system to see if there are any signs of leakages. Physical signs include visible wet spots in the ground, isolated mold, low water pressure, potholes or sinkholes, and high water bills. The next method involves the use of specialized techniques and equipment. Here are some of the techniques and equipment they use:

  • Inserting a video camera into the underground line to identify a leak visually
  • Detection by use of ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Inspecting the structural integrity of the underground piping system
  • Tracking the movement of water using specialized equipment
  • Hydrostatic tests

Advantages of Leak Detection Tests

1. Saving Money

If the leaks in your underground piping system are left for a long time without being attended to, they could lead to a more serious problem that could be difficult and expensive to fix. Leak detection tests will help you detect and fix leaks early before they become too expensive to fix. Detecting and repairing leaks will also help you reduce your water bills.

2. Reduces Health Risks

Leaks may lead to the stagnation of water. Stagnant water, also called standing water, is an incubator for many kinds of hazardous bacteria. Stagnant water also attracts mosquitos that cause malaria. Underground water leaks can also lead to mold growth, which could lead to stomach infections and other infections that could be expensive to fight. Calling a leak detection specialist to repair your piping system will help protect you and your family health risks.

Are you tired of your neighbor’s utility bill being lower than yours? Give us a call. Don’t ignore the underground pipes. They are also vulnerable to leaks. Call our leak detection specialists today. We are highly trained and use the latest techniques and equipment to detect and repair water leaks. Don’t worry about the price. We are the most affordable leak detection service provider in this region. Call us right away!