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Irrigation Leak

5 Irrigation Leak Warning Signs

Irrigation lines on your property serve as a way to conveniently transfer water to different areas of your landscaping where hydration is required. Unfortunately, when units like this are out of sight and out of mind, problems can occur. You may have a costly irrigation leak forming and not even know there’s a challenge. It’s essential to keep a watchful eye on specific areas to catch this type of problem before it escalates. Here are five warning signs to look for:

Lower Than Normal Water Pressure

There’s a high chance of an irrigation leak being present on your property when you notice that your sprinkler system or other water-dependent fixtures are not operating at a good water pressure. Low water pressure will often signal a hidden problem lurking in your irrigation system. Even a small area with a slow leak can create a negative impact on how much water is being wasted.

It’s essential to determine if your whole system is being affected or just a small area. If it’s only an isolated area, this usually indicates there is a problem. It’s usually best to have this fixed by a professional company that has the tools, equipment and techniques to solve this type of problem quickly and efficiently.

Seepage of Water Onto Non-Turf Areas

Another warning sign of an irrigation leak is when you notice there’s water seeping onto non-turf areas or concrete. If you have landscaping that is lined with bare soil, ground covering or an even harder structure such as concrete, it will become excessively wet. Again, this will usually occur in an isolated area when there is a broken irrigation line that is located closer to the pump. An expert can pinpoint this area to provide a minimal amount of disruption with your landscaping.

Areas Around Sprayheads Becomes Soggy

In some cases, leaks will occur closer to a sprinkler head around areas that are more vulnerable to having a problem. This area of an irrigation system may be in a location where two separate sections are connected together. This type of joint may already be susceptible since it’s created by connecting two separate pieces. This can create a weak link between the two. In this situation, it usually only occurs around a single sprayhead, which will make it easier for a professional to find the problem area and provide a solution.

Overgrown Areas of Landscaping

Excess water can lead to higher amounts of plant growth. If an irrigation leak is occurring due to a broken irrigation line, it can show up in areas of your turf that have become greener and more overgrown. While having an adequate amount of water is good, too much can lead to more work and create a look that is unappealing. Not to mention, the waste of water that occurs and the extra expense.

This type of leak can be more difficult to spot. It requires you to isolate areas and determine if you have added extra fertilizer or initiated any other techniques that might account for the extra growth. Otherwise, it’s a signal that a problem has developed.

Pooling Water in Isolated Spots

A faulty head on a sprinkler can create unwanted areas of pooling water. This is usually the culprit of water waste or damage when this occurs. If your irrigation equipment is working properly, the second item to look for is a problem with the irrigation line. This type of challenge can usually be isolated to a single area, especially if it is located near a sprinkler head that is not spraying with the correct amount of pressure. A professional company that handles this type of work can help you determine where a leak is coming from.

Confirming and Finding a Solution

When any of these signs appear in your landscaping, the next step is to confirm you have a leak. Calling a professional to handle this situation is usually best. An expert has the experience and utilizes specific techniques when locating these types of leaks. This ultimately helps reduce damage to your home or business’s landscaping. A professional like Leak Locators would be happy to assist you in identifying, diagnosing, and repairing your irrigation leak. Call today to get the help you require.