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Sub Utility Leak Detection: Warning Signs You May Have A Utility Leak

Sub Utility Leak Detection: Warning Signs You May Have A Utility Leak

If you’ve got an underground leak on your property, it can turn into a frustrating and costly problem if you don’t get help from a sub utility leak detection company. When this type of leak is allowed to fester, you could end up paying quite a sum of money. Because excessive water use (or in this case loss) can leave you stuck paying high utility bills. And if this type of water leak is allowed to continue, it can cause damage to your home’s foundation. Additionally, it can damage your beautiful landscaping. This creates even more problems that will require money out of your pocketbook.

Sub Utility Water Leaks Are Typically Well Hidden Below The Ground…

The reason for this is simply that sub utility leaks are difficult to locate without the right equipment. For example, maybe you have a swimming pool on your property which is connected to the main waterline. This sub utility leak could loiter for quite some time without any visible clues. Typically, this type of problem requires you to bring in an excavator and tear up the ground to analyze the entire line. You can imagine that this type of project can be detrimental to your yard and cost a good deal of money to fix.

Fortunately, you do have the option of utilizing a sub utility leak detection company that has the right type of equipment to complete this type of project efficiently and correctly. A company in this niche specializes in finding these types of leaks without having to inflict severe damage on your property. By utilizing minimally invasive techniques, it can save your yard from having to be completely torn up. This provides a beneficial solution, which is both economical and less invasive.

Major warning signs that you likely have a sub utility leak:

Warning Sign #1 – Landscaping Problems and an Unhealthy Yard

When you have a home or business, landscaping can make the surrounding area look more attractive. If you have already placed grass, trees and other greenery in your yard or around your business, you know how expensive it can be. This is why you must spot the warning signs of a sub utility leak early to avoid any more damage or escalated costs due to water leakage.

If the grass in your yard starts to die unexpectedly or has spots that look waterlogged, you’ll probably want to seek help. You might also notice trees that are dying, which is due to overwatering. This is a challenge you’ll want to fix as soon as possible as this type of landscaping takes away the beauty you desire. It will also cost you more money to fix, especially if the problem continues to move to other greenery.

This type of challenge to your grass, trees and greenery is often due to a sub utility leak. It occurs due to the pooling of excess water in an area where pipes are damaged. This creates a negative situation, which is detrimental to your landscaping. To quickly find a remedy, you’ll need to locate the source of the leak and have it repaired professionally. By utilizing a sub utility leak detection company, you can have your problem repaired, which will help your landscaping.

Warning Sign #2 – Experiencing a Water Bill That Is High

Dramatic increases in your water bill for no apparent reason. The size of a sub utility line and its main purpose of providing water to areas like for instance, your swimming pool, means there is a lot of water flow. When this type of line leaks, the meter connected to it can rise drastically.

Preventing More Damage

Damage to a sub utility line could ultimately cause a multitude of other damage to your property. For instance, there is a possibility that the leaking water could leak into your foundation or basement. If this occurs, the soil in this area can start to shift, which may cause damage to structural components. Another problem that can occur is when you have a pool with a foundation. If this area shifts, cracks may occur and set off a chain of unwanted events that lead to more damage.

To make sure these problems don’t get worse, it’s best if you contact a sub utility leak detection company. They can analyze the situation and utilize their experience and equipment. This helps in stopping damage from occurring due to excess water leaks. It also helps your landscaping to stay beautiful and appealing in areas around your home. When you require assistance with sub utility leak detection, get professional help from Leak Locators in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.