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Irrigation System Leak Repair

Irrigation Leaks Call The Pros At Leak Locators

Avoid unsightly lawn damage, and possibly also a monstrous water bill. If you notice anything peculiar about the functionality of your irrigation system, act quickly!  It helps to get professional assistance locating irrigation leaks. Contact us today if you have an irrigation system issue. Whether it be leaking or flat out not functioning, Leak Locators will work hard to get your irrigation system back in proper working order.

The convenience of an irrigation system that waters your lawn, is inexplicable. It takes away the frustration of having to haul around hoses and consistently move them to ensure your lawn looks beautiful.

Irrigation systems, like most other luxuries, can’t last forever. Systems can break down over time and not work properly. Or possibly even spring a leak. Fortunately, you can repair or replace many of the components that make up your system separately in many instances.

How Your Lawn Irrigation System Works

When you have an underground irrigation system, it can provide you with complete control over the watering of your lawn. You can dictate the amount of water that your greenery receives as well as control when your system waters your lawn.. The system is set up with a network of pipes that are under the ground about 12 inches. Then, sprinkler heads are strategically placed throughout your landscaping.

A pressure system activates sprinkler heads. Water travels through a network of piping and ultimately out of the sprinkler heads. Periodically, leaks can occur in the system due to the pressure. When this happens, it will entail locating irrigation leaks

Locating Irrigation Leaks, Common Indicators

Irrigation leaks can occur just about anywhere in your system. However, there are some telltale signs that you can use to identify when leaks have stopped your irrigation system from running properly.

Since your irrigation system pushes water through piping, there is a strong force that can cause a problem. However, this can also help you analyze your sprinkler system and see if any changes have occurred in watering patterns.

Below are a few common indicators of irrigation leaks:

– Areas where water is pooling
– When the water pressure seems to be lower than normal
– If there are soggy areas around the spray heads
– Irrigation hoses with damage
– Areas of your landscaping that look greener or overgrown
– When water is seeping onto non-turf areas such as concrete

Leaks in your irrigation system can start slow. While you may not think that this type of leak can be a problem, it can have a significant impact on your system. If a remedy isn’t found, there is a high possibility that it will start to alter the other water disperment areas. This can lead to plants receiving too much water and or overwatering of your lawn.

A broken irrigation system can also have a detrimental effect on the structural integrity of your foundation. If you notice standing water near your foundation, you should seek immediate remedy. As foundation repair may become next on your repair list.

When Leaks Develop

Leaks can develop due to various reasons. Systems can collect debris that obstructs the piping. This can obstruct one or more sprinkler heads. You may also discover that you have a nozzle that is heavily worn and may have a crack. The piping portion of the network can also start to become brittle. When this occurs, it may be unable to withstand all of the pressure that’s pushing water.

When a uniform distribution of water isn’t allowed to flow, it can cause more pressure in weak points. This leads to areas where water just seeps through. Another problem can occur around joints and connections. This tends to create leaks that disperse large volumes of water, which end up soaking into the ground in specific spots.

Finding A Solution

As you have probably already guessed, locating irrigation leaks isn’t easy if you don’t have the right equipment. When you’ve got irrigation pipes and tubing that are buried, it takes specific techniques and the correct tools to find areas that are leaking. The fastest remedy is to call a professional company that specializes in irrigation leak detection.

The first step that this type of company will take is to analyze the irrigation system and work on identifying possible locations where leaks are occurring. After locating potential problem areas, they narrow the search even more by using professional leak locating tools.

Locating Irrigation Leaks Is Cost-Effective And Beneficial

Locating irrigation leaks by using a professional company is cost-effective and much more beneficial than ripping up your property to install new piping and tubing. It’s extremely important to get on top of any leaks that you think may be occurring. Excess water can cause quite a bit of damage, which ranges from soil erosion to upsetting your home’s foundation. When you need assistance with leak location or need to have some questions answered, be sure to contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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