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Complement the Beauty of Your Yard by Adding an Outdoor Water Fountain

Complement the Beauty of Your Yard by Adding an Outdoor Water Fountain

If you’ve ever watched an older movie from the 50s or 60s, you may have noticed that some of the estates had a beautiful outdoor water fountain. In the current age, you can still use these beautiful structures to create a pleasant mood in your landscaping. They are available in several materials, styles and sizes to fit your requirements. When you decide that adding an outdoor water fountain is something you want for your property, it will require planning and knowledge about the maintenance that’s required to keep your outdoor water fountain in good working order.

Bring Value to Your Property by Adding an Outdoor Fountain

A fountain can liven up and add value to your property. By incorporating an outdoor water feature into your yard, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Create a Focal Point

A fountain can provide a central focal point in your landscaping that you can surround with several different plants and greenery. Moving water provides an atmosphere that’s soothing and clean, which allows you to create a spectacle of true beauty. When you have a well-designed water feature, it can complement your yard and add a touch of elegance.

  • Adds Beauty

Water can look beautiful when it’s being sprayed in specific ways. You’ll soon find that there are several options that you can utilize when you start looking at all of the different types of fountains that are available. You can incorporate this type of structure into an area near your back patio or just outside of a sliding glass door that’s located in your bedroom.

  • Provides Uniqueness

Fountains can be customized to fit your specific requirements. By looking online via a search engine, you can probably get an idea of the freedom you’ll have when using an outdoor water feature on your property. You’ll find that there are several types available that look modern and clean to natural-looking.

  • All Types of Options

You’ll have several options available when you decide to use a fountain in your yard. You can find premade fountains and designs that incorporate spillways and waterfalls. There are several types of materials available as well. These can include stone, tiles, ceramics, plastics or even glass. You’ll have fun deciding on your favorite size and color.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Fountain

Like any man-made structure that has moving parts, you’ll need to maintain your outdoor water fountain if you’d like it to keep functioning properly year after year. One of the main mechanisms that you will need to take care of in your fountain is the pump that helps keep water flowing. By keeping your water pump maintained, it will help ensure that the system doesn’t get bogged down by debris. In some outdoor water features systems, you may need to remove the pump and clean specific areas with an old toothbrush.

Troubleshooting Tips Common For Outdoor Water Fountain Problems

While adding a water fountain to your yard can provide extra scenery that’s fun to look at, you may run into a few problems that need to be remedied. Here are some troubleshooting tips that you can use for the following challenges:

  • Bad Odors

If there is standing water in your fountain, it can become a breeding ground for algae. This can cause a foul odor, which can stink up the area. Use an algaecide in your water fountain to eliminate the algae problem.

  • Air Bubbles

 When air bubbles appear, switch your fountain off and on a few times to make sure that it is placed properly on the ground and check to see if the pump is completely submerged in the water.

  • Pump Problems

It’s important to have an adequate amount of water in your fountain to safeguard against having your pump burn out.

  • Inconsistent Water Flow

You will need to check for kinks in any tubes that are being used and make sure that there’s an adequate level of water in your fountain. It’s also important to clean away debris from your pump’s filter.

  • Vibration & Noise

The water level in your fountain must be monitored to make sure there’s an adequate level. Add more water as needed.

Does My Fountain Have a Leak?

If you suspect that your outdoor fountain leaks, it’s probably located at the base. To check for leaks, you may have to turn your pump off and wait for a visible crack to appear, which may take a week depending on the size of your fountain and the current temperature outside. Pinhole sized leaks can be difficult to spot and may take the expertise and experience of a professional to locate. If you do find evidence of a water leak, it’s best if you get a confirmation from one of our specialists. We are experienced professionals who specialize in leak detection for several types of applications.

We will always be happy to answer your questions. Additionally, we specialize in providing outdoor water fountain repair.

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