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It's Best To Utilize a Specialist When You Require Water Leak Repair

It’s Best To Utilize a Specialist When You Require Water Leak Repair

Plumbers handle a variety of different jobs, which can range from cleaning out a sewer line to drain cleaning. While these types of services assist with blockages, a worse threat to your home can come from a simple water leak. This is why it’s best to utilize a company that specializes in fixing leaks. These are often found in irrigation systems, fountains, swimming pools and concrete slabs. If you suspect a leak is occurring and don’t get help, it could destroy hardwood floors, drywall and lead to bigger problems such as structural damage. It’s best to hire a company that provides professional water leak repair before you have a costly nightmare on your hands.

Signs That Indicate a Water Leak Repair May Be Needed

If you suspect that there is a water leak on your property, there are some signs that you should pay attention to:

  • Underground Areas

Spots of ground that are unusually wet or have pools of water near the surface
An area of ground that has brown grass, which used to be lush and green
A quick increase in the use of water that is not explained

  • Behind Walls

Staining and musty odors
Buckled ceilings and warped walls
Bubbling paint and visible mold growth

  • Swimming Pools

Fluctuating chemical consumption can indicate inconsistent water levels
Losing more water out of your pool than normal each day
Soil that is soggy around underground plumbing lines

  • Fountains

Damp areas of concrete
Visible signs of cracking

If you notice an increase in your water bill or find a puddle of water in the wrong area, you should probably contact a company that specializes in water leak repair. They can come to your property and perform an analysis using both specialized techniques and equipment.

How Does a Professional Find a Water Leak?

When you suspect that you have an unwanted leak and contact a professional, they can utilize several different techniques to analyze your property.

  • Video Pipe Inspection

In some situations, a professional company that specializes in repairing unwanted leaks will utilize a small camera and run it down a pipe to see if they can find where there’s a problem. This type of technique can show a specialist where the exact location of a leak is occurring. Without the need to remove flooring materials or drywall, your repair is much less costly.

  • Acoustic Listening Devices

Another popular technique that professional leak repair companies will use to find leaks includes the use of acoustic listening devices. A water leak repair technician will utilize a special type of microphone and an electronic listening device to pinpoint specific leaks that can occur in a swimming pool or irrigation system. When a water leak is occurring, it may produce a certain type of sound that a trained specialist can recognize.

  • Heat Scanners

In some areas, using an acoustic listening device is not effective. When this situation occurs, a professional may decide to utilize a heat scanner. This can identify when changes in temperature occur. And a water leak almost always causes a change in temperature even if ever so slight.

  • Experience

One of the top ways that a specialist can identify leaks is by having experience. When an individual specializes in a certain activity for an extended period, they learn to look for certain signs and signals, which indicate that there’s a problem in a specific area. This type of mastery is developed after performing these types of tasks regularly. It just makes sense to utilize a professional for this type of task.

Benefits of Using a Specialist

  • Less Destructive to Your Property

When you suspect that there is a leak somewhere on your property, it’s best to use a specialist. They can look for leaks in all types of locations, which can include your swimming pool, irrigation system or on the fountain that sits in your yard. If you hire a company that doesn’t specialize in leak detection, they may end up wasting time tearing up walls or your landscaping to find a leak. You can minimize this mess and costly wear and tear by hiring a specialist.

  • Saves You Time and Money

The tools, techniques and technology used by a professional who specializes in water leak repair can help save you time and money. It’s usually highly cost-effective to utilize a specialist that works with methods that are both noninvasive and nondestructive to your property.

If you’d like assistance from a company that provides excellent leak location services, be sure to contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss your specific situation and answer any questions you may have.

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