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Utilize Concrete Slab Water Leak Detection When You Notice Any of These Warning Signs

Utilize Concrete Slab Water Leak Detection When You Notice Any of These Warning Signs

If you’ve got a leak in the foundation of your home, early slab water leak detection is extremely important. When this type of leak is left undetected and not fixed correctly, it can lead to structural damage, which may cost thousands of dollars to repair. To avoid this type of nasty situation, you want to look for these warning signs:

Areas of Pooling Water Are Clues That Your Residential Or Commercial Property May Have A Concrete Slab Leak

When your property has a slab water leak, water will start to accumulate under your property’s foundation. It will search for an area where it can escape, which may provide you with the warning signs you need to utilize a slab leak detection service. If you notice water streaming out of your slab foundation that’s located on the outside area of your home, you need to have this investigated further. Water can also form pools in your home. If you find this in your bathroom or kitchen, make sure it isn’t an appliance that’s leaking. Once you’ve done that, you can try to determine if it’s a leak in your slab foundation.

Significant Increase In Your Average Water Bill Is A Sure Sign That You Should Immediately Begin Investigating: It’s Likely That You Have A Hidden Water Leak

If a water leak is occurring on your property, it will usually be reflected in your water bill. You’ll probably see a higher than normal cost when a leak is present. Be sure to pay attention to your water bill each month. It’s important to take immediate action if you suddenly have a high water bill, especially if you haven’t increased water usage. When there isn’t an explanation for a large spike in your water bill cost, it could be due to a concrete slab leak.

If there is a leak in your slab foundation, it can start to build up pressure and accumulate until it finds a way to escape. Once it has nowhere to go but up, it may cause damage to your flooring. If you notice visible signs of damp carpets or warped hardwood flooring in your home, it may be a sign that you need to contact a company that provides a professional slab water leak detection service.

New Areas of Mold or Mildew On The Lowest Level Of Your House’s Flooring: Possibly Causing Wood Flooring to Lift Or Visiable On the Underside Of Your Carpet Or Carpet Padding

When water protrudes from a concrete slab water leak & reaches your property’s flooring it can cause mold growth. This can begin under your carpet and then develop on top. There’s also a possibility that water will move into your walls. Look for areas of mold developing on the bottom edges of your drywall. As drywall acts like a sponge soaking up water.

When mold is growing under your carpet, you may not be able to see it. However, it may be emitting a nasty odor that you can smell. If you notice a musty, mildewy stench emanating from your walls or carpet, a slab water leak may have developed. Be safe rather than sorry and enlist in the services of a professional water leak detection company at the earliest sign that you may have a concrete slab water leak moistening up your home.

Hot Water Heater Keeps Operating

Another telltale sign that indicates you have an undetected slab water leak in your home or business’s foundation is when your hot water tank keeps operating. Specifically if you have not been using your hot water. Your water heater should only have to operate periodically. Once it warms your water, it should sit idly. This natural operation will not occur if there’s a problem with a hot water line. Imagine if you were running a hot water faucet all day long. This would make your hot water heater work nonstop. If your hot water isn’t lasting long when you take a shower or wash dishes, it’s probably time to call a contractor that has experience in locating water leaks.

Decreased Water Pressure

If you have water that is constantly escaping from one of your pipes via a small leak, it may decrease your water pressure. A water leak will decrease pressure and result in less water flowing through your faucets. If you’re using your kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet or taking a shower and notice less water pressure, a water leak could be to blame. When this is underneath your slab foundation, it can be difficult to locate without the proper equipment and techniques. However, your local water leak detection company does possess the correct water leak detection equipment to quickly and efficiently locate the source of your water leak.

Hot Spots On Your Floor Are Indicative Of A Slab Water Leak

If you’ve got a hot water leak under your slab foundation, it can start to warm up the concrete that is directly above it and create an isolated area that is hot. Over time, this heat will transfer to your floors. This makes it more difficult to detect if you have carpet. However, if you have linoleum, hardwood flooring or tile, you should notice this easier. One way to spot this is if you have a pet that starts to stay in one specific area of your floor during colder days.

Utilize a Professional

If you have any signs of this type of water leak on your property, it’s best to utilize  the services of your local water leak detection professionals. Leak Locators in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are well equipped to find a slab water  leak. As well as many other types of water leak detection services such as:

In Ground Pool Leak Inspection

Above Ground Pool Leak Detection

Fountain Leak 

Sub Utility Water Leak

Irrigation System Leak

Pipe Leaks Underground

Water Leaking Under House

Water Seeping Under House

If You Have A Water Leak, Leak Locators In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Can & Will Detect The Source Of Your Water Leakage Problem


When slab leaks are allowed to continue, water can slowly eat away at your property and cause more problems. When you need help locating a slab water leak or any type of foundation leak around your residential our commercial property, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer questions and help you get to the root of your problem. Call us today.




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